Judge Amy Berman Jackson Slams Hand on Podium While Arguing Against Roger Stone’s Lawyers During Hearing For Request For New Trial – Update: No Ruling Today

Update: Judge Jackson didn’t rule immediately and said she’ll take the matter under advisement.

Roger Stone and his lawyers appeared in court Tuesday to request a new trial after it was revealed the lead juror was biased and posted tweets attacking Trump and Roger Stone.

Stone’s lawyers asked for a new trial after it was revealed jury forewoman Tomeka Hart lied to the Court during her testimony when she claimed she didn’t really know who Roger Stone was.

Tomeka Hart posted a series of tweets attacking Trump supporters as racists and mocked Roger Stone after he got arrested by the FBI.

Demon judge Amy Berman Jackson brought in all of the jurors anonymously on Tuesday, including Tomeka Hart, and only allowed for audio in the media room.

One American News reporter Jack Posobiec reported live from the courthouse on Tuesday.

Posobiec reported that Judge Jackson referenced Media Matters articles and she blasted President Trump for tweeting about the case.

Judge Jackson became furious and hit her hand on the podium as she argued with Stone’s lawyers.

President Trump tweeted about the tainted juror on Tuesday in the middle of the hearing!

TRUMP: There has rarely been a juror so tainted as the forewoman in the Roger Stone case. Look at her background. She never revealed her hatred of “Trump” and Stone. She was totally biased, as is the judge. Roger wasn’t even working on my campaign. Miscarriage of justice. Sad to watch!

According to reporters present in the media room at the courthouse, Judge Jackson began by questioning two jurors and will eventually question the lead juror Tomeka Hart.

Judge Jackson will allow a limited hearing on whether the jury forewoman was candid.

“Judge has ruled that the defense did not meet the standard to get a hearing to show jury was tainted by press reports during trial, but she will allow limited hearing anyway. She has said she’ll also allow a hearing on whether foreperson was candid,” according to legal reporter Josh Gerstein.

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