The Gateway Pundit Reader Offers This Message of Hope – “You Are Good – Never, Ever Forget That!”

Guest post by Doc Farmer

The following post was provided to us from one of our most loyal readers.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

We’re all going to die.

That is both a fact and a scare tactic. It is a fact because we are mortal, and one day through illness, injury, accident, old age, or a grudge from Hillary Clinton, all of us will die. It is a scare tactic, however, when it is USEFUL for a group or organization to instill fear in another group, thereby making them easier to control. The latter is what we will discuss today.

The Wuhan Virus (yes, I’m a racist, so sue me for using actual medical terminology in identifying the starting point of an infectious disease) is the latest tool for control against a populace. The target audience is YOU. And me. And as many American Citizens as possible. The organizations responsible for this are the Democrat Party and the FraudStream Media. But, of course, I repeat myself…

Every single day, the number of infectious cases rises. Every single day, the death toll increases. In some ways, it reminds me of the old days of the CBS News, when every night they would give the number of wounded and killed in Viet Nam. It was a tool, one to impact and depress morale amongst the citizenry. And it worked, especially with the young and stupid. Damn, there I go, repeating myself again.

The problem we have now, is we must deal with the OLD and stupid. Those who swallow whole the message from the FraudStream Media. Rampant speculation. Terrifying musical stings under blood-red headline graphics on screen. Literally unhinged reporters and anchors, coming up with incredible idiotic “predictions” that they peddle as inevitable fact. Screaming heads, because talking heads doesn’t adequately describe them anymore, shouting down anyone who dares disagree with them in the slightest. Saturation coverage of collapsing markets, celebrity infections, closing schools, cancelled events, and politicization of nothing more than a heavy chest cold that could turn into pneumonia for those of elder years and compromised immune systems.

People who should know better, who DO know better, are weaponizing a virus. Not to kill. But to instill terror in a populace already dumbed down, cowed and scolded by an “education” (see also: indoctrination) system, an “entertainment” (see also: propaganda) media, and a “news” (see also: lying liars who lie) media. They have, for decades now, reprogrammed the zeitgeist of an entire nation. And, sadly, it appears to have worked.

America was once brave, strong, kind, giving, forgiving, generous, courteous, helpful, creative, constructive, good. Now what are we? Well, thanks to the FraudStream Media, we are cowed. We are weak. We are afraid of everything, all the time. We are racist/sexist/homophobic/xenophobic/etc. We are too damn dumb to even vote, if we don’t vote the way our “betters” believe we should have voted. We are scolded for not being as “woke” as those in the new ivory towers – the newsrooms and studios of the elitist media complex.

Well, to me, that’s a load of male bovine excrement.

Some of us ARE giving in to the hype. Giving in to the terror. Fighting over toilet paper, as if Charmin was the secret cure to all disease. Buying case after case of bottled water, as if our houses don’t have this little thing called INDOOR PLUMBING! Pretty sure you can’t catch the Wuhan Virus from a glass of tap water from your own kitchen sink.

Every day, we are told about the number of infections detected. Do they ever mention the number of people CURED? People who have gotten OVER this bug? It’s a virus, people. You catch it, you might get sick, you feel rotten for four to eight days, and then? YOU GET BETTER. You may be contagious for a while, yes. So, what do you do? You stay the [insert favorite vulgarity here] HOME! You don’t put others at risk.

And when you finally get better, when you’re finally non-contagious, you go back to work. You go back to the store. You go back to watching the game or going to the movies or going out to dinner. In other words, you get back to your LIFE.

At last count, nearly 4,700 American Citizens have been found to have contracted the virus. In that time, more than HALF that number have gotten past their infection. Close to 90 people have died from this, and while that is tragic and should be mourned, where’s the mourning for the tens of THOUSANDS that have already died from the regular, plain-ol’, bog-standard influenza? Or car crashes? Hell’s bells, we’ve had more deaths from falling of ladders than the Wuhan Virus.

It’s time for this madness, this stupidity, to STOP, folks.

And the only one who can stop it is YOU.

You can stop it by calming down. By thinking instead of feeling or, worse, panicking. By using common sense. By being cautious, not crazed. By doing what your mom told you for all those years – wash your damn hands! Sneeze into your sleeve. Don’t go to work if you’re sick or if you feel like you’re coming down with something.

And most importantly, STOP BELIEVING THE FRAUDSTREAM MEDIA! They lie, on purpose, and constantly. You’ve known this for years, decades even! And yet you now hang on their every word as if it were Gospel?

They are doing this for a purpose, folks. A coordinated campaign, with the sole purpose of bringing DOWN our Great Nation. In their eyes, we were never great. In OUR eyes, we’ve always been great. It is far past time for us to put that belief into action. We will NOT cower in fear. We will NOT give in to panic. We will NOT believe one damned word these idiots spew. We will turn OFF their lies. We will turn TOWARD the truth. We will help each other, as we always have, instead of cocooning ourselves and not giving a rat’s rear end for the welfare of our fellow citizens, neighbors and friends.

The stock market will recover, folks. In fact, it is very likely that the stock market was tanked, ON PURPOSE, by short-sellers in order to line their pockets while temporarily robbing your retirement accounts. The thing is, though, we were in such a strong position before they started this Nantucket Sleighride, that we can and WILL see a stock market of 30,000 well before Election day. We WILL see business recovery. We WILL see innovation.

The FraudStream Media will do its best to hide that from you. Like they have since the day Trump was elected. They downplay the amazing recovery from the “O’biden-Bama” administration’s royal screw-ups (which they told us all was what we had to settle for), whilst ramping up the niggling negatives, the molehills of economic trivia, into mountains of despair. Don’t believe them for a damn second. They have a track record of lies, half-truths, prevarications and failed “predictions”. That alone should keep you from accepting their “word”.

This was, and is, a hoax. A manufactured crisis. The virus itself is quite real. The folks who have gotten sick, or tragically died, are also quite real. But the panic, the hype, the terror – all if it has been created, out of whole cloth, with the goal of destroying America. Destroying our morale. Destroying our greatness.

They will fail. They have failed.

But YOU must defeat them. That means standing up to the lies. Facing the truth, calling out the panic with calm and resolute strength. Being bold in the face of the cowering simps on the TV screen and in the newspaper columns. Speaking out with authority, facing facts, and sharing those facts with others.

Fact: You’re going to die.

Fact: Just not today. And almost certainly NOT from the Wuhan Virus.

Fact: America will get through this. Because YOU are an American. YOU are brave, and strong, and kind.

You just need to be reminded of that from time to time. It’s so easy to forget, when you’re force-fed a diet of how rotten you are. From people who are rotten to the core.

They are evil. You are good. Never, EVER forget that.

(Thanks Doc)

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