Stores Vandalized In Portland As Businesses Ordered To Close, Inmates Released, Police Ordered To Cite In Lieu Of Arrest

What happens when a governor orders businesses to close, jails release dozens of inmates, and police announce they will only respond to life threatening calls and issue citations instead of arresting people? Anyone with three functioning brain cells can see where this toxic combination is heading.

Sure enough, just one day into Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s order that all businesses deemed “non essential” are to close, vandals smashed out windows of seven businesses in Portland’s fancy pants Pearl District.

This has led to several businesses in the area to board up their windows.

KPTV reports:

“Yeah, I’m very worried about looting. I’m worried about a lot of things. Looting is definitely in the front of my mind right now,” said Ramzy Hattar, owner of River Pig Saloon. ” Especially cause it happened next door. And we’re two to three days into this closure, I can only image what’s going to happen in a month or two months into it.”

Just this past weekend, police did get reports of vandals throwing rocks and hitting seven different businesses near Northwest 10th and Lovejoy.

Michael Chown works in the Pearl District and was upset to see the glass windows covered by plywood.

“It’s scary honestly. Just driving down the street, no one is walking around, no one’s working, no one’s outside,” Chown said.


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