Confirmed: Pete Buttigieg Dropping Out of Presidential Race

Democrat presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is dropping out of the race according to a report by California-based Politico reporter Carla Marinucci.

The 38-year-old former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, who was mocked by President Trump for reminding him of the Mad Magazine mascot Alfred E. Neuman, eked out a victory in the Iowa caucus but has failed to win a primary race since, however he is in third place in the delegate race with 26 compared to 50 for former Vice President Joe Biden and the 58 for Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT) going in to Super Tuesday this week.

“New! BREAKING @PeteButtigieg to announce he is out of the presidential race, his staff now hearing the news in campaign call, sources tell us.”

UODATE: The Los Angeles Times confirms, as does the AP:

Buttigieg, a veteran, was the first openly gay man to run for president in a major party and is married to a man, Chasten Buttigieg.

One of the most lasting impressions, and controversial, of Buttigieg’s campaign was his bringing up on stage at a campaign rally a nine-year-old boy who claimed to also be gay and wanted his advice on coming out.

Buttigieg was mayor of South Bend from 2012-2020. He served in the Navy Reserve as in intelligence officer with the rank of lieutenant and was deployed once to Afghanistan.

Early analysis is that this will aid the stop-Bernie movement as Buttigieg voters prefer other candidates to Sanders, helping them to maintain viability:

Morning Consult:

The President weighs in:

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