President Trump’s Approval Rating Soars to 50% on Hill-HarrisX Poll, Highest It’s Been in Two Years

President Donald Trump’s approval rating has soared to 50 percent, the highest it has been in two years.

The new Hill-HarrisX poll, released on Tuesday, is the highest he has polled since August 2018, when he was at 51%.

The pollsters found that 85 percent of Republican voters approve of the president, while just 19 percent of Democratic voters do. Independent voters, however, are now evenly split at 50 percent.

“People are rallying around him though of course we see differences between Democrats, Republicans, and independents,” Karlyn Bowman, public opinion analyst and senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, told The Hill.

“Those could become powerful overtime as the coronavirus continues,” she added.

They also found found that 61 percent of registered voters said they strongly or somewhat agree that the Trump administration is taking strong enough measures to slow or stop the spread of coronavirus.

“We’re seeing strong agreement in many polls that the Trump administration is taking strong measures,” Bowman said of that poll, “that said, I think we have to be cautious about the deep differences on Republicans, Democrats, and Independents on your question. We’re seeing that in other polls too, which indicates that partisan disagreements are still there, still very powerful and that could limit the rally.”


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