31 Officers Out Sick at NYPD Precinct Where Officer Has Tested Positive for Coronavirus

An officer in New York City Police Department’s 1st Precinct has tested positive for coronavirus — and now 31 other officers at the same precinct are out sick.

Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said on Tuesday that five NYPD employees have tested positive for COVID-19 so far.

Seventeen of the officers at the downtown Manhattan station have been sent home for exposure to the virus.

One of the officers at the precinct told Fox News that leadership did not inform them that one of their colleagues had tested positive for the virus.

“A big portion of those officers who were sent home sick regularly work at city hall,” a source told Fox News. “The NYPD needs to be doing a lot more.”

The NYPD has countered that everyone who had close contact with the officer has been told to stay home.

“New York’s City Hall is not only where Mayor Bill de Blasio’s office is located, but it is where he and New York’s COVID-19 response team have been giving their daily updates on the pandemic response,” Fox News reports.

The source also claimed that there is nothing for people to clean with at City Hall.

“At City Hall, there is nothing to clean with,” the source said. “There’s no Clorox wipes, just dollar spray bottles with a yellow liquid. They have no idea what the hell it is. Smells like cleaning solution.”

“You would think that the very place where the committee meets to combat this pandemic would be more adequately protected, but what do I know?” the source added.

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