NRA Files Lawsuit Against California Officials For Closing Gun Shops During Coronavirus Outbreak

The National Rifle Association has filed a lawsuit against California officials for closing down gun retailers during the coronavirus outbreak.

Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom ordered all “non-essential” businesses to close, and claimed that weapon shops fell into that category.

The NRA contends in their complaint that gun shops are absolutely essential and must be allowed to reopen.

“Municipalities who target lawful gun stores for closure aren’t promoting safety—by weaponizing their politics to disarm you and your loved ones, these shameless partisans are recklessly promoting a gun-control agenda that suffocates your self-defense rights when you need them most,” Jason Ouimet, the executive director of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action, said in a statement on Saturday.

“NRA members recognize these unlawful power-grabs for what they are, and the National Rifle Association is proud to stand and fight alongside fellow Second Amendment groups who recognize it, as well,” he added.

The Hill reports that the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), California Gun Rights Foundation and Firearms Policy Coalition are also the involved in the lawsuit.

“California’s attack on fundamental rights in times of emergency must be stopped in its tracks,” Alan Gottlieb, SAF’s executive vice president, said.

He added that “this case is part of our mission to win firearms freedom one lawsuit at a time. And more, the lawsuits we are filing across the country are making a large number of other states, counties, and cities think twice before closing down essential gun stores.”


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