Media Hack Rick Wilson Tweets #BeInfected Over First Lady Melania’s PSA on Coronavirus

Former Republican strategist-turned-leftist-lunatic Rick Wilson has, once again, gone over the edge with his latest, desperate attempt to get attention, this time taking aim at First Lady Melania Trump.

Wilson, who is a regular guest on CNN and MSNBC, as well as serving as the editor in large for wacked out far left site Daily Beast, decided it would be a great idea to tweet the hashtag #BeInfected while retweeting an article about Melania appearing in public service announcements regarding the coronavirus.

And just in case he deletes the tweet, here’s the screen capture:

Rather than recognize how tasteless the quip was and apologize for it, Wilson went on the offensive, doubling down and trying to make excuses to justify his antics.

Wilson made headlines for all the wrong reasons earlier in the year, when he took part in the Don Lemon segment on CNN where they mocked Trump voters as ignorant, illiterate rednecks.

For his own good, and for the sake of the public, he should probably check himself into a mental hospital.


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