Joe Biden: ‘In First 100 Days of My Administration, No One, No One Will Be Deported At All’

Former Vice President Joe Biden has vowed not to deport anyone at all during the first 100 days of his administration.

Biden also expressed support for sanctuary cities and said that police should not report illegal aliens that they arrest to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

During Sunday night’s debate, the Democrat presidential hopeful was questioned about a remark he made where he said the Obama administration made a “big mistake” by deporting millions of illegal aliens.

“What commitment will you make tonight that you won’t deport millions again?” the moderator asked.

Biden responded by saying that he will “send to the desk immediately a bill that requires citizenship for 11 million undocumented folks.”

“Number two, in the first 100 days of my administration, no one, no one will be deported at all,” Biden said, making no exception for violent criminals and rapists. “From that point on, the only deportations that will take place are commissions of felonies in the United States of America.”

The moderator followed up by asking “so to be clear, only felons get deported and everyone else will get to stay?”

“Period, yes,” Biden asserted.

Biden also expressed his support for sanctuary cities and police refusing to work with ICE.

The moderator brought up that Biden opposed sanctuary cities as a presidential candidate in 2007, and asked where he stands on the issue now.

“Should undocumented immigrants arrested by local police be turned over to immigration officials?” the moderator asked.

“No,” Biden responded bluntly.


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