JOBS, JOBS, JOBS – Trump Adds Another 273,000 Jobs in February, Unemployment at 3.5% – Trump Adds 7.1 Million Jobs In Same Time Period Obama Lost (1.3) Million

The Trump economy continues to sizzle with arguably the best economic numbers in US history.

Job numbers released today through the end of February show an increase of another 273,000 jobs! And the unemployment rate remains at historic lows of 3.5%!

The White House continues to report that this economy could arguably be the best all time. This is because it is.

According to data released this morning by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, President Trump has added more than 7 million jobs in his first term.

The same cannot be said for President Obama who during the same time period decreased jobs by 1.3 million. Obama was so bad at creating jobs that by the end of his second term he said that jobs were not coming back. This showed in his first two years with millions of lost jobs.

Overall President Trump has gained more than 8 million more jobs than Obama in their respective first three plus years in office!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, under President Trump more Americans are in the work force than ever before. President Trump is working hard to bring good paying jobs back to the US and his efforts are showing historic results.

Also according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the US unemployment rate stands at 3.5%.

The mainstream liberal media won’t give this much press, but when looking at the economy and jobs, the billionaire President Trump is making the American economy great again.


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