Former Gov. Blagojevich Underestimated the Deep State and Ended Up with a 14 Year Sentence – Now He Wants to Get the Truth Out About the Deep State Actors Who Targeted Him

(post created with information from investigative reporter Marty Watters)

Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich is now free.  It’s time for him to drop the goods on former Illinois Senator – President Barack Obama and the Deep State gang of dirty cops led by partners in crime, Mueller and Comey.

As previously reported, former FBI Directors Mueller and Comey were not only involved in the fraudulent Trump – Russia sham and protecting Hillary Clinton before the 2016 election, but they also were involved in protecting incoming President Barack Obama in the 2008 election and they were involved in the Valerie Plame scandal known as Plamegate.

The Mueller – Comey gang committed their crimes by projecting the crimes of those they protected (i.e. Obama or Hillary) onto a chosen target (i.e. Governor Blago or President Trump). 

Blago’s case is not unique.

In 2008 Obama had a history of receiving bribes and favors from convicted felon Tony Rezko: Rezko’s partner, Saddam Hussein bagman Nadhmi Auchi: and former Chicago cop Daniel T Frawley, who claimed in an email to have passed $400k in cash bribes through Rezko to Obama.

In order to divert attention from Obama’s criminal dealings with Rezko and Auchi, FBI Director Mueller opened an investigation into Rezko’s dealings with Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich and simultaneously swept Obama’s crimes under the rug. The five year “investigation” of Blago came to an abrupt end when the Justice Department leaked information to the Chicago Tribune in order to avoid having to arrest Obama’s presidential election campaign co-chairman, Jesse Jackson Jr., for trying to buy Obama’s senate seat.

Blago was arrested, Jackson was not.

Blago faced criminal prosecution while Obama moved on to become President.

Now that Blago is out of prison, he is free to talk about the crimes Obama committed in Illinois, how Muller covered them up, and how it all relates to Comey’s seditious acts that followed.

In the video below of taped conversations involving Blago, the former governor claims that Obama was trying to get away from Chicago politics, which meant that he was working on distancing his problems with Rezko and moving the focus to the former governor:

Blago was targeted and outed as the patsy to cover up Barack Obama’s crimes in Chicago politics, and eventually arrested.  Blago found out he was recorded but he had to know that the recordings implicated Barack Hussein Obama and his associate Rezco.  Blago must have figured that the threat of exposing Obama could get him a backroom deal to get off scot-free from any charges because Blago turned down a plea deal for 18 months in prison that the Feds initially offered him.  (Per his interview after he was released – See attached at the 1:57 mark:)

Blago mentions a touching moment with citizen Donald Trump when he was on the future President’s show where Trump said some very nice things about Blago to his daughters after the former governor was shamed on ‘The Apprentice’.

At the end of Blago’s interview with Mancow above, he says he is exploring every way to release the tapes of his conversations from a decade ago.  The prosecutors would not allow this but he says he’s going to look at any way he can to get the truth out.

What Blago did not realize in 2010 was just how invested the “Deep State” was in protecting Obama, or the lengths that they would go to do so.  Back in 2010 Blago was pleading his innocence and claiming the government (the Mueller gang) was after him.   He said this many times, including on the O’Reilly Factor:

We now know the Deep State was doing all it could to protect President Obama who they determined was not going to be held accountable for his corrupt actions in Chicago politics.  The Deep State hacks who protected Obama are the same people who went after President Trump.  They will do it again if not stopped.

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