Biden Does Not Want the Democratic National Convention Cancelled Despite Coronavirus Pandemic

Former Vice President Joe Biden does not want his big moment at the Democratic National Convention cancelled, despite there being a major coronavirus pandemic gripping the nation.

Biden said that he wants to fight the outbreak without interfering with the “democratic processes.”

Speaking to CNN, Biden said that the event — which typically hosts around 50,000 people — must go on and that no elections should be called off.

“I don’t think it should be called off and I don’t think we should call off any of the elections,” Biden told CNN’s Jake Tapper. “I think we just have to move forward. We may have to use different means and methods. There’s an awful lot of direct mail voting going on right now, which may be one of the answers.”

“We can’t let the democratic process be interrupted by the process of dealing with this virus,” Biden said. “We can do both.”

Biden coughed repeatedly during the interview, even being scolded by Tapper for coughing into his hand. Still, he claimed that he has “no symptoms” and has not been tested.

The convention is currently scheduled to take place in Milwaukee in July, but the party is currently exploring contingency options in case the virus is still a problem.


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