We Build The Wall Inc. Needs Your Help To Secure ‘Most Exploited Gap On The Border’

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Congressional Democrats, who are determined to keep America’s borders open for an influx of cheap labor to enrich the nation’s elite and create new generations of Democratic voters, rejected President Donald Trump’s border wall.

They said it couldn’t be done. They said it was too expensive. They said it was racist and immoral.

As leftist politicians stubbornly clung to open-borders fantasies, refusing to appropriate funding for the wall, triple amputee Brian Kolfage realized We The People can build the security barrier ourselves.

And we did.

The American people came together from all over the country to fortify the United States against the security and humanitarian crisis posed by the unfettered invasion of migrants and assure the wall would become a reality.

Using $25 million of private contributions from millions of ordinary citizens, We Build The Wall Inc. secured sections of the border, that were for decades used as smuggling routes by cartels and human and drug traffickers, with big, beautiful, 18-foot-tall bollard walls.

Last year, over Memorial Day weekend, WBC and Fisher Industries constructed a three-quarter-mile long wall on private property in the El Paso Sector of the border in Sunland Park, New Mexico, where approximately 2,500 migrants were illegally crossing the border annually, according to El Paso Sector Border Patrol officials.

In January, the Fisher Industries and the crowdfunded non-profit completed its second project, a three-mile-long wall in Mission, Texas, in record time – less than a month – on private property along the Rio Grande.


Now, We Build The Wall Inc. has pinpointed the next project in its lineup, “one of the most exploited gaps on the border.”

Gut-wrenching footage captured by WBW’s security cameras show scores of migrants at the site rampaging across dilapidated metal security fences.  

Without your support, WBW cannot move forward with the construction of the next section of the wall

“We need 100k people to donate $60 to finally shut down this smuggling corridor for good,” Kolfage told the Gateway Pundit. “We will close it completely, but need your help. The cartels have been exploiting for years If you want to have a direct impact on protecting this nation this is your chance. We cannot do it without you.”

“It’s time we stand up and fight back against the globalist who continue to allow our nation to be overrun. I fought in war and lost three limbs defending this country, but now the war is at our doorstep. It just takes $60. Let’s go win this battle. While the Democrats stall and drag their feet, we can just keep on building it, the American people can just keep on building it. But only if with your help, at WeBuildTheWall.Us.”



Ahead of the 2020 presidential election, President Trump is doubling down on his effort to fulfilling his signature 2016 campaign promise to building the border wall. As of February 24, 110 miles have been completed and 192 miles are under construction. The president has set a 450-mile goal by the end of 2020 and a 509-mile goal by 2021.

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are trying to prevent this wall from being built, but the American people can help Trump get the job done by supporting We Build The Wall, Kolfage argued.

“The privately constructed border is which is more durable than the government wall and can be built at a cheaper and faster pace,” he said. “Unlike the wall being constructed by the government, the wall built by WBW and Fisher Industries is comprised of galvanized rustproof, dustproof steel that has a life span of up to 100 years. The federal wall has a lifespan of 20 years before it will become weathered by rust.”

While many would like the see a 30 foot or 100-foot wall, WBW determined constructing the wall 18 feet high is the best way to maximize resources and deter against invasion – the taller you build it the wall, more expensive it becomes.

The walls are also deeply installed below the ground, however, WBW has not disclosed how deep the wall extends underground to deter people from digging burrows and illegally entering the country in the future.


Prior to the walls built in El Paso and Mission Texas, infrastructure that includes aerial surveillance, and motion sensor technology, migrants would simply swim across the Rio Grande from Mexico, scramble into reeds and brush that run along the river and wait and hide for the opportunity to run into farmland surrounding the river and run into America.

WBW  cleaned up all the reeds and brush surrounding the riverbank and built a concrete road that is entirely lit at night, giving border patrol an advantage in deterring migrants from getting across. Now, border patrol can see all the way down the riverbank and no longer have to trudge through the marsh to catch the migrants coming in illegally.

During his first trip to the southern border in November, acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf visited the site of WBW’s privately constructed wall and fully endorsed the organization.

The influx of illegal traffic has now shifted around the wall to regions where agents are equipped to respond more effectively after the nonprofit completed its first new barrier, El Paso Border Patrol sector chief Gloria Chavez told reporters.

“Everything changed for us, and we were able to manage the border enforcement actions there even better,” Chavez said.


Every American who supports wall construction plays a role in eradicating child sex trafficking and human trafficking.

As President Trump has noted, “Human trafficking by airplane is almost impossible. Human trafficking by van and truck, in the backseat of a car, and going through a border where there’s nobody for miles and miles, and there’s no wall to protect — it’s very easy. “

According to  Michael Albence, acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ICE is facing a “new area” of human trafficking along the U.S. border, as children are increasingly being used to try to gain admission into the country.

“Children that are being utilized and sold and rented in Central America and Mexico; given to unrelated adults for the sole purpose of them coming into the country illegally and posing as a family … to try to be released,” Albence told Breitbart News.  “We know children are being sent back three, four, five times to Central America only to be re-victimized and brought back in, and God knows what they’re suffering as they’re going through that process.”

During FY 2019, USBP reportedly processed more than 321,000 alien children on the Southwest border.

“A barrier made of steel, obviously, deters human trafficking and drugs. Yes, if you add a 20-foot ladder, you could get up there,” Kolfage said. “But the likelihood of getting caught is much higher when there is a wall there, then when there is not –just like a wall on your house or locks on your doors.”


The flood of immigrants illegally crossing the border not only drives up crime and violence in American cities nationwide but also increases crime in Mexico.

While Democrats and the mainstream media attempt to galvanize the American public to believe the wall a “symbol of hate,” Mexicans understand this is not a racist border wall and they also want to stop human trafficking and people getting raped at the border, Kolfage explained.

“People on the Mexican side, they actually like the wall too,” he said. “The cartel crime plagues their cities as well.  Anyone that supports open borders, is simply supporting the cartels. All of this doesn’t just help America it helps Mexico. Securing the border helps Mexico decrease crime on that side and helps America decrease crime on this side.

“Since we’ve built the wall,” he continued, “the regions surrounding the new wall have now become tourist attractions, boosting the economy.


“People feel safer knowing the once wide-open border is secured with an impenetrable wall. Mexico is a beautiful country and most people that live in Mexico want to stay in Mexico. Some people do want to come to America, that’s why we have an immigration system.”


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