Tom Tancredo: Trump Threatens Democrats’ Primary Strategy to Overthrow America

The only force standing between the United States remaining the country with more freedom, opportunity and prosperity than any place on the planet and the nation becoming a communist, open border shit hole is President Donald Trump.

Consequently, Democrats have put all their eggs in the basket of hating, resisting and thwarting the Trump presidency with endless investigations, and the dead-end impeachment fiasco, warns Tom Tancredo, a former United States Congressman who currently serves on the advisory board of We Build The Wall Inc.

 “You have to understand, a big part of the impeachment was brought about by their absolute hatred of Trump. They hate Trump so much. Why? Dearly and truly? What is it that puts them into this bizarre state of mind? Because he threatens one of the most important tactics in their strategy to take over America: To do what Barack Obama promised, a thorough transformation of America,” Tancredo explained in an exclusive interview with Gateway Pundit.

Open borders and decriminalizing illegal immigration have become solid planks in the Democratic platform, no matter the cost, because they believe the founding of the United States is illegitimate and are intent totally transforming, realigning and rebuilding the United States, argued the former Colorado lawmaker, who has been referred to as Congress’s most vociferous critic of illegal immigration,

“You say, ‘what does immigration have to do with these things?’ Its got everything to do with it,” he said. “Opening the borders is a basic part of their agenda and Trump threatens that. That’s one of the reasons why, honestly, I believe the impeachment was brought and they hate him so much and they want him out so bad. He threatens the immigration agenda that they have put together for the past 50 years.”

Last week, House Democrats offered President Trump $7.4 billion to fund his proposed border wall in a draft budget in exchange for ending immigration enforcement for any adult crossing the border with a child by the end of Fiscal Year 2019.

A provision in the budge stipulates the illegal alien adults and the migrant children they trafficked across the U.S.-Mexico border would evade detention and instead be released immediately into the interior of the country without fear of being deported or turned away.

The proposal, first introduced by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and supported by every Senate Democrat, has been dubbed by Republican leadership as the “Child Trafficking Encouragement Act.”

Ensuring unvetted foreign nationals immediate access into the U.S. is fundamental to the Democrat Party’s strategy to fundamentally transform, realign and rebuild the United States into a socialist state, Tancredo argued.

“They want an America that is constantly, constantly dealing with a permanent underclass because that permanent underclass will vote for bigger government all the time,” he said. “It is the reason that so many people on the left want open borders and fights Trump as hard as they can. He challenges their power base.”

“Leftward radicalization is taking over the Democrat establishment and it will not accrue to their benefit politically because America may be a center-left or a center-right country, but it is not, at this point time, a radicalized communist oriented nation. The things they’re doing are so bizarre.  I’ve never seen a death wish play out more dramatically than in the Democrat Party – Nancy Pelosi tearing up the speech.”

In the first five months of fiscal year 2018, CBP saw a 315% increase in individuals using children to pose as family units to gain entry into the United States. A staggering 20,000 children were illegally smuggled into the United States during the month of December, alone.

Unaccompanied children from Mexico are especially vulnerable to being coerced by drug cartels and local gangs to serve as drug mules human and after are trafficked and systematically bought and sold for sex in the modern-day slave trade in the United States, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol reports.

Tancredo,  who served in the Reagan Administration and ran for President of the United States in the 2008 election, urged the American public, Congress and the left-wing media who support the illegal influx of migrants to the U.S to self-investigate the abomination inflicted on migrants who are bought and sold for sex by Mexican and Central and South American syndicates.

“They don’t realize the danger that these people are placed in when the cartels take over and start bringing them across the border – what happens to women and children on that perilous journey – almost all are sexually abused,” he said. “It’s not a peaceful, tranquil movement of people from one area to another. It is all kinds of difficult and dangerous activities that are involved with this. The sex trafficking is horrendous. The drug trafficking is horrendous.”

Americans who resided in cities along the border are calling on We Build The Wall, a crowdfunded nonprofit that is building sections of the wall along the southern border, to erect a security barrier in their towns.

As a result, the residents in these cities have endured constant threats by the cartel Tancredo, who sits on the advisory board of WBW, explained.

“The amount of corruption that has developed on the border and in border cities where people are on the take or afraid of the cartels. To live in that environment is horrible,” he said. “There is a town called El Cenizo, it’s on the border in Texas, a little tiny, tiny town. Its Hispanic 100 percent – the city council, mayor are all Hispanic. They voted a while back to have us come and build the wall because they were so negatively impacted by what was happening. Subsequent to that, there have been all kinds of threats made to them by the cartels. And they back away because they’re petrified.”

While the left incessantly claims Trump’s bid to build a wall is “xenophobic” and “racist,” securing the U.S.-Mexico border is the only way to combat international cartels bringing child sex workers across our border, the former Colorado lawmaker argued.

“They see the world through race-colored glasses. If you are a conservative and if you want a secure voting system that’s racist.  Everything to them is racist. They want a different America. The reality is people are exploited when they get here, whether its sexual exploitation or economic exploitation.

“If you really think attempting to control your border is racist, the reality is that the process of illegal immigration far more dangerous and far more destructive to minority groups living in America than are citizens. You have to realize that massive immigration of low-skilled, low wage workers, does two things: It takes away jobs from citizens who are the lowest on the economic ladder in America and it reduces wage rates for the same people.”

Despite the open-border Democrats’ ill-considered decision to impeach the president has severely wounded her party, there is no guarantee Trump win reelection, Tancredo admonished.

“I believe the majority of Americans want President Trump to be reelected. I believe a majority of Americans will vote for him. But I don’t know whether a majority of Americans will have their vote counted,” he said. “There are so many places where the left has taken over the electoral process,  where they rig the elections – It’s so corrupt.

“Colorado is a perfect example. Today in Colorado it’s an all-mail in ballot,  same-day registration, ballot harvesting where they can legally go around and collect ballots – from nursing homes, go to the dumpsters and collect them if they need them – and turn them in. And there is nothing to say illegal aliens aren’t voting or people that are not even registered because you can register the same day and vote.”


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