London Billboard Uses Image of President Trump and Melania to Encourage Women to Cheat on Their Husbands

A billboard near the Westminster Bridge in central London advertising a website for women to find “discreet affairs” features President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The website, encouraging women to cheat on their spouses, shows Melania glancing at Trudeau while standing between him and her husband.

“Married to one man, but fantasizing about others?” the tagline on the billboard reads. “You need to try…”

Eveeda’s slogan is “Created by women. For women. To have discreet affairs.”

According to a user on Reddit, the ad has also been spotted on a Billboard in Melbourne earlier this month.

The ad is also launching in Spain, where it will be published in Spanish.

According to a study of 47,000 people by GlobalWebIndex,  30% of Tinder users are married and 12% are in a serious relationship. Eveeda claims that they are simply catering to a market of cheaters that already exists.

This ad campaign is just one of many anti-marriage and family ads to appear in the city in recent times.

Summit News reports that in November, there were also billboards encouraging white people to get sterilized.

“The advertisement betrays a noticeable lack of ‘diversity’ as it only features caricatures of white people and no people of color,” Summit noted.


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