HUGE: New Information Shows Carter Page Was a Whistleblower in October 2016 But Deep State FBI Spied on Him Anyway

Glenn Beck had his best interviews in ages recently when he interviewed Carter Page about his actions before and after the infamous FISA warrant was taken out on Page.

The interview was loaded on Twitter and shared in a thread.  Beck asked Page if the FBI and DOJ are broken:

Carter Page says what we all know now, that there is a cancer affecting our nation:

Page says that he knew in September 2016 that the DNC had hired someone:

Then Carter Page announces that he sent a letter to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe notifying them that he was aware that he was being spied on:

Here’s the portion of the letter Page wrote to the OSCE:

It looks like Page was a whistleblower on his own case in October 28, 2019.  We don’t know the date of the first FISA warrant that was issued in October 2016 on Page.  We do know the month and year.  So the date of Page’s letter is very close to the origination date of the first FISA warrant on Page.

Page knows the DOJ and FBI are corrupt which is understandable after his experience with the FISA warrant.  All America knows this as well.

Hat tip D. Manny

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