EXCLUSIVE: Confirmed First Photos of Deep State Joseph Mifsud Since He Went Missing – And He Just Happens to Be with Prostitutes

Italian prosecutors last year reported the notorious deep state spy Joseph Mifsud was dead after he had gone missing for two years.

Joseph Mifsud is connected to the Obama Spygate Scandal after presumably setting up George Papadopoulos and General Flynn in London. He also was close to Hillary Clinton and even dined with her in 2016.

Then he went missing.

But now The Gateway Pundit has exclusive information and photos that prove Joseph Mifsud, the Maltese professor in the middle of the Russia collusion scam, is very much alive and is keeping busy.  He’s believed to be in Italy and his guests might surprise you.


For the past two years his whereabouts have been unknown, many suspected he was dead.

As we noted in February 2019,  candidate Trump’s unpaid volunteer George Papadopoulos stated he believes he was spied on by the Deep State through Joseph Mifsud.  This is the same Mifsud who dined with Hillary Clinton and a group of Italian socialists prior to the 2016 election.

As we reported in mid-September, General Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell requested that the US government provide her and her client, General Mike Flynn, documents related to Deep State spy Joseph Mifsud from an event in late 2015

We also reported that two of Joseph Mifsud’s phones with UK serial numbers are being held by the DOJ – General Michael Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell requested that the DOJ turn over the contents of two phones related to Joseph Mifsud. We now know those phones were from the UK, the country that is more suspect than Russia ever was!

We also reported that former and fired FBI Director James Comey and Joseph Mifsud met in Australia.  ProDreamer1 reported that Joseph Mifsud and James Comey were both in Australia the week before the George Papadopoulos meeting.

RT News put together an excellent video on Mifsud –

Today we have evidence that despite staying under the radar, Mifsud has been keeping busy:

In images we received from Yaacov Apelbaum using cyber forensics, there are two girls:

1.Olga Polonskaya – Who he presented as ‘Putin’s’ Niece’
2.Natalia Kutuva Jamrom – His ‘research assistant’

In addition there are sex pics not with either one of the women above, but with 2 prostitutes. 

The party took place in his apartment circa 2018.

Joseph Mifsud released a recording in November 11, 2019 (below) and it has been tested for deep fake and was determined is accurate.  In the audio recording, he claims to have nothing to do with spy agencies and claims all he does is networking, not spying. The audio sounds like a ransom recording as ‘Mifsud’ claims he had nothing to do with the whole Trump – Russia affair.

I have been a networker all my life, and this is what I’m good at.  I try to bring one group in contact with another, not, not, I repeat and underline, nobody in any service, secret service, intelligence service, or anybody of this sort.  If I had any contact with this, I have not known that this person had any link with any institution.

The individual in the audio claims that he only wants to help people interact with each other.  He claims Link Campus in Italy is not involved with any spying.  He also claims that according to his Catholic upbringing, he is a bridge builder.  He also claims to be keeping a low profile, thinking and contemplating.  He finishes by saying this:

I have tried to keep myself busy, mentally it is extremely important. Finally, as I’ve just mentioned, that I am given the possibility of coming back to life.  It has been very, very difficult for me to live life like this without any human contact, without a human experience, and I believe that i should be given the opportunity to do that.  It is extremely important that somebody, somewhere decides to let me breath again.  Thank you very much.

Our sources confirmed this audio by Joseph Mifsud is authentic.

But our sources believe that Mifsud is still alive and he has been under the protection of AISE (Italian Intel) and has been moved around several times between a number of safe houses in Italy over the past few years.

Mifsud may be in Italy or could have been moved to one of it’s former colonies.

Poor Joseph Mifsud said in his audio release it is difficult for him to live life “without any human contact.”

Obviously, Joseph is managing just fine.

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