SHOCKER: Anti-Gun Trauma Surgeon Behind Fake Death Threat Connected to Clintons, Biden, Pelosi and Other Top Democrats

Another day and another lie from a top anti-gun Democrat on the left.

As previously reported, Dr. Joseph Sakran tweeted a fake death threat and then panicked after hundreds of Twitter users exposed his hate hoax this week so he deleted his fake ‘death threat’ tweets then made up a bizarre story claiming the police told him to delete his tweets.  Come to find out that he is an anti-gun activist connected to the Clintons, Biden, Pelosi and other top Democrats.

On Sunday, TGP reported Joseph Sakran, an anti-gun trauma surgeon posted two photos (now deleted) to his Twitter account claiming a note with a hand pointing a gun and the words “The End is Near” was left on the windshield of his car.

“Debated whether to share this, & after a lot of thought here it is,” Sakran said.

“Last week I’m leaving my home for work & I find this paper under my windshield. One does not have to see the rest of the sentence that was covered to understand the intent of this message, a Death Threat,” he added.

Sakran said he discovered the death threat as he was leaving for work…but observant Twitter users pointed out that the reflection on the windshield shows that his car was parked in his garage when he discovered the note.

The tweets have been deleted, and the truth is Dr. Sakran cooked up the hoax.

Dr. Sakran is a radical anti-gun activist who works with the most dangerous anti-2nd Amendment groups on Capitol Hill in order to disarm American citizens.

This hate hoax he tried to pull off was to further his radical anti-gun agenda but he got caught lying.

Watch this informative YouTube video by David West further exposing Dr. Joseph Sakran’s death threat hoax:

Now we know per evidence supplied by Yaacov Apelbaum that Dr. Sakran is not only a radical anti-gun activist, he is connected with top Democrat officials.

Using AI we’ve identified that it is likely that Dr Sakran obtained his handgun logo from a site that sells Dallas Cowboy stickers as well:

Dr. Sakran campaigned for Hillary Clinton and campaigned with Joe Biden at an anti-gun conference:

He met the Clintons and Nancy Pelosi and even flew with the Clintons to Haiti:


We also know that Dr Sakran’s family and friends are posting pro-Islam, anti-Israel and anti-American posts on social media that often include guns:

Dr. Sakran appears to be just another lying leftist looking for attention.

Hat tip Yaacov Apelbaum

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