Mark Meadows: Republican Senators Will Be Taken to the Cleaners If They Think This Impeachment Trial Is Going to be a Fair Process (VIDEO)

On Tuesday morning Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) joined Steve Bannon and crew on their daily War Room broadcast.

During today’s episode Mark Meadows warned Senate Republicans that if they think this is going to be a fair process in the Senate they better wake up.

Rep. Mark Meadows: The state of play is that in the Senate many times they have this gentleman’s way of interacting with their colleagues. And I can tell you that they will be taken to the cleaners if they think this is going to be a fair process. It wasn’t fair in the House. It won’t be fair in the Senate. This is all about 2020. It is all about November. And I can tell you, you have too many people from the Senate running for president that actually are on the nomination platform tonight on a debate. And what you have is a real fight between them and the President of the United States. So it will not be fair and the sooner that our Senators recognize that, and you’re right, Rand Paul has recognized that, he is willing to go into the fight. I’ve encouraged some of our other senators, some of our other champions that honestly have a huge microphone to do the same thing… Based on what I see, there is no case you should dismiss this right away… Rand Paul is setting the example.

This was a great segment.
Mark Meadows is ALWAYS worth listening to.

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