#hotboysforbernie Trends on Twitter and it’s Something Else

Having the ability to see outside yourself is a quality that most of us have an issue with.

However, hot is hot and not is not. When I woke up and saw #hotboysforbernie trending on Twitter, I thought there might actually be some attractive Bernie Bros jumping in on all the fun.

What I saw was anything but! From drag queens to neckbeards and weirdos — #hotboysforbernie proves their is something in the water in the Sanders world.

Yes, different people are attracted to different things. However, boys should be boys and this latest Twitter trend is one wild ride! Look at some of the top #hotboysforbernie.

If this is what they have available it is going to be a challenge to “Feel the Bern!”

MAGA Daddy Trump and the America First movement is where the hotness is.

To the ladies on the left, if this is the lot you have to pick from… America is sorry!




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