EXCLUSIVE: “Penniless Rock Musician” Used by Glenn Simpson in Russia Collusion Sham Now Calls Simpson a “Dick” and a “Liar”

Glenn Simpson from Fusion GPS worked with Democrats in the creation and dissemination of the Steele dossier which we now know was a pile of garbage used to legitimize spying on candidate and President Trump.  One of the characters Simpson used in his fairy tale is now calling Simpson a “dick” and a “liar”.

As it was becoming clear that the Democrats paid Glenn Simpson from Fusion GPS for the creation and dissemination of the now infamous and total garbage Steele dossier, Simpson decided to write another fairy tale explaining his actions.  In one section of his recently published book, Simpson calls out the son of a former banker who Simpson used in an attempt to suggest that Trump was doing banking transactions with the Russians.

Simpson attempted to tie Trump to Russia using information provided to him from a “penniless rock musician” by the name of Val Broeksmit.

Apparently, according to Simpson, the information provided by Broeksmit was worthless, but Broeksmit didn’t like being called out in Simpson’s book, and calls Simpson a liar and a “dick”:

But that wasn’t all, Broeksmit also claims that Glenn and his wife hate each other and don’t sleep with each other and that one of Glenn’s sons was arrested for sending himself marijuana through the mail:

The Broeksmit dropped the bomb that Glenn demanded that Broeksmit wrap his arms around Simpson when on an ATV ride on Glenn’s property (creepy):

Who really knows what is true with these Democrat paid deviants?  The one thing for sure is they are creepy and dishonest.

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