Busted: Democrats Caught Sending Out Cookie-Cutter Form Letters to US Senators to Astroturf Impeachment Support


The leftists and their shills are at it as usual, this time using form letters to give an illusion of support for impeaching Trump.

The lying left is copy-pasting form letters to send to Senators.

An astute Gateway Pundit reader noticed these on the @openletterbot on Twitter, which republishes everything people send to the Senators and Representatives, as they become public record at that point.

All of these letters just repeat the same ambiguous thing over and over, and attach a different name on them.

It’s unknown whether these are real people sending each one in individually, or if it’s one person or automated system sending them out, but they all have the same text:

“I am an American citizen and voter living in your home state. Right now, I am requesting that you hear documents and witnesses in the removal trial you are presiding over due to the impeachment of President Donald John Trump.

Your oath to our nation requires impartial justice.

Our national security is at risk.

Promise me that you’ll deliver a fair trial with all of the evidence that President Trump has obstructed the House– which his lawyers freely admit– and that he has abused his power of office by inviting foreign election interference through his personal lawyer’s actions.

There is already enough evidence to remove Trump from office and I urge you to do so. But please hear all of the evidence so the whole truth comes out, and make a fair decision, the only possible conclusion, to convict.”

Interesting that it asks for the Senators to be fair and impartial, but has a bias toward conviction and has already reached a conclusion.

They reference the evidence, which hasn’t even been put on in the Senate yet. It’s comedic that they all of a sudden care about the oath of office that each Senator takes.


If the Russians are behind this, would leftists condone it?

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