BREAKING: Owen Shroyer From Infowars Arrested Over Silent Anti-Censorship Demonstration on Capitol Hill (VIDEOS)

Owen Shroyer of Infowars has been arrested for a silent and peaceful demonstration on Capitol Hill.

Shroyer was protesting in the same way that “impeach Trump” protesters have just days before, but they weren’t arrested and he was.

As he was arrested, Shroyer said “I want everybody to see the censorship in this country. Impeach Trump protesters come here every day and have never been arrested, but I’m arrested today because I have this sign. That’s the attack on free speech in this country. That’s the two-tiered justice system that we’re dealing with. If you’re an Impeach Trump liberal Democrat protester, you get to come here every day with no consequence, but I have security all over me because I’m standing here silently. If that doesn’t show you the attack on free speech, if that doesn’t show you the two-tiered justice system, I don’t know what will.”

The arrest was filmed by Infowars producer Savanah Hernandez, who also demanded answers about the hypocrisy she was witnessing.

Shroyer had tape over his mouth, similar to recent protests by the left, and was holding a sign about censorship.

“Tech companies banned me from social media. Democrats are trying to ban me from the Capital, learn more at Banned.Video,” his sign read.

In a Periscope video following the arrest, Hernandez pulled up a video of anti-Trump protesters standing in the exact spot that Shroyer was — protesting without any confrontation with police.

“Just the other day, Remove Trump protesters were standing in this very spot,” Hernandez said. She noted that nobody bothered the pro-impeachment protesters, but Shroyer was immediately swarmed by five police officers for his silent protest.



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