BREAKING: At Least 56 Dead and Hundreds Injured After Stampede At Soleimani’s Funeral in Iran

A service was held in Iran for the terrorist who died earlier this week when the car he was in exploded after being targeted and bombed by President Trump.  Not surprisingly, the funeral service for terrorist Qasem Soleimani ended in more death.

The funeral for the individual who spearheaded Iran’s efforts to kill American soldiers in Iraq has ended in more death.  At least 40 56 Iranians were reportedly killed and many more wounded after a stampede occurred at Qasem Soleimani’s funeral in Iran.

This Iranian terrorist was also the leader behind most of the evil acts committed by the Iranian regime over the past few decades so perhaps this was a fitting end to his legacy.

Heshmat Alavir reported –

During the day the death toll reached 40 –


To think that some of these people may have just come for the free lunch

This tragic loss was just another bloody chapter in the history of the the world’s leading terrorist state.  Donald Trump’s position on showing mercy for terrorists has long been the same:

What a mess Obama left President Trump in the Middle East!

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