‘They’re Afraid Because This Impeachment Process is a Sham’ – Dems Reject GOP Rep. Cheney’s Motion For Manual Roll Call (VIDEO)

The Democrats on Wednesday rejected Rep. Liz Cheney’s motion for a manual roll call vote on impeachment.

“Madame Speaker, I ask unanimous consent to…provide for voting by a manual call of the roll so the American people can see precisely who is supporting the impeachment of a duly elected president,” Cheney said. “Members should be required to stand and identify themselves openly and on camera on the question of the adoption of these articles of impeachment.”

Cheney’s motion was denied.

The Democrats know this impeachment is a sham so they won’t even show their faces as they vote on two bogus articles of impeachment.


“The American people deserve to know precisely which members of the House are voting to impeach a duly-elected President. The Democrats don’t want that. They just rejected my motion for a manual call of the roll,” Cheney said.

“They’re afraid because this process has been a sham from the start,” she added.

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