Rumors Swirling: Crowdstrike’s Assertion Russians Hacked DNC Faces Scrutiny – Carter Page Weighs In

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The Gateway Pundit received an email from a self described cyber expert who claims there is no way that Crowdstrike could have identified Russia as the entity who hacked the DNC before the 2016 election.

The reason is because no entity, including Crowdstrike, has software that can identify a hacker.  Crowdstrike’s only out is to prove that their software can identify hackers and they can’t.

Here are parts from an email that was forwarded to the Gateway Pundit and a group of other top conservative websites:

As we work to prepare for the Durham showdown, we have for too long searched for a simplified explanation the people could understand on the Russian Hacking Hoax which is a story that has a shelf life and will be weaponized (again) for 2020.

The emailer suggests that Donna Brazile may be the one who leaked the DNC emails to press.  She did leak debate questions after all.  The emailer suggests the key is Crowdstrike:

Crowdstrike is nothing more than THERANOS (Google it.) on steroids. The company [Crowdstrike] claimed their antivirus software could not only find a hack, but could tell you WHO was responsible. This is false. Malware is just a series of text files. If you open the file and see Beatles Lyrics, that does not in any way make a case for attribution. It is that simple. Just like THERANOS, they don’t have a working product. Never did. I can show you the proof of that in a live demonstration.

Crowdstrike is guilty of fraud, investor fraud, stock fraud and a myriad of other charges that mirror the fact patterns in the THERANOS case. Remember, the day they went public, it was to the tune of $6.3 billion. The day they went public, stock started being dumped. Classic Silicon Valley pump and dump scenario.

This is true in that Crowdstrike did go public and Google was their big buyer.  We reported this in July and suggested this may be a reason the Executives at Google cried when Trump won the election.

In July 2015 Google invested $100 million into Crowdstrike

Google Capital, the two-year-old growth equity arm of search giant Google (GOOG), announced its first security investment on Monday morning.

The fund has pumped $100 million into cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike. It was joined by cloud computing company Rackspace (RAX), which is a customer, and the firm’s existing investors Accel and Warburg Pincus. The new infusion represents a Series C round for the Irvine, Calif.-based company, bringing its total funding raised to date to $156 million.

Crowdstrike admitted this on their website.

At about this same time, the media reported in February of 2015 (four months before Trump even announced running for POTUS) the Intel community was advising Congress and the White House on the issue and extent of Russian hacking and blaming Russian hacking (going as far back as 2012) on Ukraine aggression.

This information was no doubt based on claims made by Crowdstrike. A year later, the only firm that investigated the DNC emails that were released by WikiLeaks was Crowdstrike.

We asked in July, 2019, how was Crowdstrike able to determine that in 2015 the Russians hacked Congress because they were upset about Ukraine and then a year later claim Russians hacked the DNC because they didn’t like Hillary Clinton?

We reported on May 11, 2019, that Roger Stone and his legal team were requesting the report from Crowdstrike, the firm connected with the Deep State and tied to Google.  Of course a non-redacted report could not be obtained and Stone was eventually not allowed to ask this question per the judge overseeing his case, the most infamous Obama judge, corrupt Amy Berman Jackson.

Stone’s position was that if the Mueller team and the FBI did not inspect the DNC server, then how can they know that the server was hacked. This logical argument makes sense.  But Stone was not allowed to ask this question in his case.

Our emailer continued:

So How do we “Get Capone? Plain and simple: Like THERANOS, CROWDSTRIKE’S software does not work.

Plain and simple: Like THERANOS, CROWDSTRIKE’S software does not work. Crowdstrike spiked the YARA match file at their NOC to match any Malware found to spit out a false and pre-determined Russian threat actor (Fake) and led this country on the biggest and most costly fishing expedition in cyber history.

And the emailer concludes after noting that he is working on having Bill Binney’s review as well:

We are going to tear this DNC Hoax playground down to the ground.

Immediately, Carter Page (the man now infamous for being used as a conduit to spy on candidate and President Trump) responded to the email saying he will release more information next month! 

Carter Page asserts:

With respect to your reference to Donna’s book, I cited it in my original DNC complaint (¶ 45, below)… and I’m planning some important follow-up with that next month:

The former Acting Chair of Defendant DNC has also alleged that a meeting occurred at FBI headquarters on August 11, 2016 involving a representative of Defendant Perkins Coie, the Defendant Michael Sussmann, and staff of Defendant DNC: “When Michael Sussmann arrived, he took out his security clearance badge,likely left over from his time at the Department of Justice.I was impressed…”[1]

Donna Brazile, Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump in the White House, New York: Hachette, 2017, p. 66.

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