New Jersey Governor Signs Bill Allowing Illegal Aliens to Obtain Driver’s Licenses

New Jersey’s Democrat Governor Phil Murphy signed a bill into law that will allow illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses in the state on Thursday.

The bill will allow those who cannot prove that they are here legally to get learners permits, standard driver’s licenses, or identification cards.

“Allowing residents the opportunity to obtain driver’s licenses regardless of their immigration status will decrease the number of uninsured drivers and increase safety on our roads,” Murphy said in the statement.

The new law will allow “hundreds of thousands” of illegal aliens to be licensed and insured, according to Motor Vehicle Commission Chief Administrator Sue Fulton.

“Those who pass our driver testing and meet our strict identity requirements will be able to drive to work, school, doctor’s appointments, and other activities, without risking the break-up of their families,” Fulton told The Hill.

There are currently 14 states, as well as DC, which allow illegal aliens to get licenses. A similar law went into effect in New York earlier this week.

Fox News reports that “applicants can use foreign documents such as passports or their old driver’s license from their home country to complete the process. A Social Security number is not required.”


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