Leftists Brawl in Race to Replace Disgraced former Lawmaker Katie Hill – Far Left Blowhard Cenk Uygur vs. Swamp Creature Christy Smith

The battle for the democrat nomination to replace disgraced ex-congressperson Katie Hill is heating up. The Young Turks blowhard Cenk Uygur represents the bats*** wing of the party, and swamp creature Christy Smith is carrying the water for the establishment democrats. Both are trying to rack up endorsements. And both have their wings of the democrat party sparring with one another! It’s great!

Smith was recently endorsed by Pelosi, and she’s dealing with the criticisms:





Cenk was recently endorsed by Bernie.

Let the enraged snowflakes sound off!

And here’s where he calls for legalizing bestiality


Even the mainstream media is going after him.

Can you imagine the outrage if a Republican had said this?


Andrew Yang has also endorsed Cenk, while Kamala Harris has also endorsed Smith.

Running on the Republican side are Mike Garcia, a Navy veteran and businessman, and Steve Knight, who formerly held the seat.

Strangely, the special election to replace Candy Hills, err, Katie Hill is on the same day as California’s primary, March 3rd of next year. So there will essentially be two elections for the same seat, likely with the same candidates, on the same ballot; One election to fill out the remainder of the current term and another election to decide the top two to go on to November’s general election.

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