IT’S OFFICIAL: Mueller Targeted the Four Individuals Deep State Illegally Spied On – Carter Page, General Flynn, George Papadopoulos and Paul Manafort

We reported in January and now we know that the FBI had four investigations into Trump team members – General Flynn, Carter Page, Papadopoulos and Manafort.

These individual investigations were set up against Carter Page, Papadopoulos, General Flynn and Manafort. This is why the Mueller gang  went after these four with a vengeance after the election – to try and find anything on them so their illegal spying would not appear illegal!

Below is a thread from Nick Weil on Twitter from January that presented a plausible analysis on the number of investigations that the FBI had on President Trump – all based on a fake dossier. We knew then that there was enough evidence to shut down the Mueller investigation and have the Obama far-left goons in the FBI and DOJ arrested and in jail –

There were four separate code names that we knew of  in January and thought implied four separate investigations –

Now we know that the FBI had four separate investigations – one each on Flynn, Papadopoulos, Carter Page and Manafort. [This is why they were all targeted by Mueller – to attempt to find anything on these individuals to support their spying on them and Trump!] –

The FBI opened up an “enterprise” investigation – which refers to a special kind of investigation –

An “enterprise investigation” is not related to an individual – it’s rather used to obtain information on a crime family or drug ring –

So the FBI opened up an “individual” type investigation on Carter Page –

It appears that the FBI had an “enterprise” investigation on the Trump campaign [no doubt related to the Clinton paid for Fusion GPS fake dossier] and four individual investigations, all with code names –

The one entity that tied all the separate individual investigations together is the Trump campaign –

It looks like former Representative Trey Gowdy knew this based on his questioning –

“Latitude” and “Dragon” were code names for two of the individual investigations [these people were dishonest and sick] –

Overall in January we could report that the evidence showed one overarching “enterprise” investigation with four sub-queries or individual investigations all with separate code names

So the lying FBI and DOJ would not accurately answer the US House of Representatives’ questions into how many investigations were there? They played word games rather than tell the truth. [They learned from their master Bill Clinton – It depends what the definition of is is!]

We’re getting closer –

Now we know that we were right.   The FISA report in its second paragraph states that the DOJ OIG looked into the investigation into President Trump’s campaign (Crossfire Hurricane) and four other investigations of Trump team members George Papadopoulos, Carter Page, General Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort –

The FBI committed numerous crimes in their efforts to prevent candidate Trump from winning the Presidency and then President Trump from governing.

The entire Obama Administration was corrupt and criminal in their actions. They spied on the Trump campaign to give them an advantage in the election and to possibly find dirt that the Hillary Administration could indict him on.

When Trump did the impossible – and won the election – they put in place their insurance policy – to accuse and indict President Trump on made up charges of being a Russian puppet in hopes of getting rid of the one person who could uncover all their previous crimes. These are very bad people!

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