Former FBI Leaders and Crooks Jim Comey and Jim Baker Denied Answering DOJ IG Questions by Refusing to Have Their Security Clearances Reinstated

Obama’s FBI will go down in history as the most corrupt entity in US history.  The gang that Obama promoted to the leadership positions was dishonest, corrupt, slanderous and criminal.

Jim Comey and Jim Baker were part of Barack Obama’s former FBI leadership team.  They were heavily involved in the bogus efforts investigations created to prevent candidate Trump from winning the 2016 Presidential election and then govern, once he did. They were knee deep in the Deep State’s coup attempt in 2017  They are simply lying crooks.

Now we know that they chose not to reinstate their security clearances in an effort to prevent the DOJ IG from asking them nearly everything that America wants to know in regards to their efforts in the greatest Deep State coup ever.

According to the Washington Examiner

In his report, Horowitz said Comey was one of a number of former FBI employees who “chose not to request that their security clearances be reinstated for their [inspector general] interviews” and “therefore, we were unable to provide classified information or documents to them during their interviews to develop their testimony, or to assist their recollections of relevant events.”

The DOJ IG’s report on FISA abuse said this about Comey and Baker’s actions –

What crooks.  It is so absolutely frightening that these are the types of people that lead our FBI.  They should be held to higher norms due to the power that they hold not lesser.  God bring us justice now!

Hat tip D. Manny

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