Unhinged Leftists Carry Trump’s Head on a Pike at LA Protest – Alyssa Milano and Throuplet Katie Hill Headline Event

“Hey, you know what’s great?” disgraced ex-congresswoman Katie Hill asked the low energy crowd at L.A.’s pro impeachment rally. “Everything is a blessing and curse right? But tonight, I can be here, and I’m not a member of congress, and this a solemn, solemn thing, but I can say tonight, IT’S TIME TO IMPEACH THE MOTHER F***ER!”

Also on hand was Alyssa Milano, who ranted about being angry and pre-menopausal. “Hello, snowflakes! Listen to me very carefully. I am angry, if he thought Greta was angry he’s seen nothing yet! I’m pre-menopausal and I am angry!”

Some astute Tweeters recognized how scripted her speech was.

Breitbart reports:

Signs — most homemade — included: “Impeach and Remove”; “Trump Is Not Above the Law”; and simply “Impeach 45.” Less polite signs included “Fuck Cheeto Voldemort” and “Make the Asshole Go Away,” the latter a play on Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan.

One man carried a rubber head of Trump on a pike. He told Breitbart News he wished it were the real thing.

The Breitbart article features many more pictures of the triggered snowflakes.


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