Virginia Students Protest Over ‘Fiesta’ Themed Party Held By Classmates, University Says It’s ‘Investigating’ the Party

Students at the University of Lynchburg held a massive protest in response to some of their classmates holding a “fiesta” themed party — and the university has said that they are now investigating the party.

The latest example of campus crybabies included over one hundred students and faculty members staging a walk-out on Wednesday to protest the party that they, likely, weren’t even invited to.

“It was a demonstration of, I think, how hurt some of the minority community is here at the university,” Aaron Smith, the Dean of Students, told WHSV.

Smith went on to say that there was “cultural appropriation” at the party and that an investigation has been launched because photos from the party “do not align with the university’s values.”

Photos from the event show that some students wore sombreros, fake mustaches and drawn-on tattoos.

“This is one of the many events where a culture has been appropriated, where minorities have been misrepresented,” Darian Geddis, a senior at the university who helped to organize the demonstration, told the local station. “Today we stand in stopping hate. Today we stand in stopping discrimination. Today we stand as the united front ready to make a change.”

The protesters had a list of “demands” for the university, which included mandatory diversity training for all students, hiring more faculty of color and taking disciplinary action against the people involved with the party.

“We take incidents like this very seriously because we don’t want anyone in our community to feel marginalized,” said Smith.

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