Tom Fitton on War Room: Democrats Didn’t Even Know What They Were Impeaching Trump Over Until They Asked Focus Groups

Tom Fitton, founder and president of Judicial Watch joined Steve Bannon’s War Room to discuss the ongoing impeachment coup against President Donald Trump.

After conducting focus groups, Democrats discovered Americans are skeptical and dismissive of their effort to impeach President Trump with baseless charges of “quid quo pro” and “obstruction of justice.”

In a desperate attempt to galvanize public support of their impeachment sham, Democrats ratcheted up their rhetoric and began repeating the more colloquial term “bribery” in recent days to make the case for why Trump should be removed from office, warned Tom Fitton.

“They are impeaching by polling now,” Fitton explained in an interview with Stephen K. Bannon’s War Room. “They figured out to use the word ‘bribery’ after they went back and polled someone. They didn’t even know what they were impeaching him over until they asked the focus group themselves.”

Despite six weeks of witness interviews in the impeachment inquiry and hundreds of hours of testimony, the American people aren’t buying the roulette wheel of legal allegations Democrats are leveling against the president, Fitton argued.

“These are lateral passes they are throwing down the field in hopes they get to the goal of impeachment. They are just doing whatever they can and ‘bribery’ is the latest because they had a poll, they literally just did focus groups, according to the Washington Post” he said, “They found ‘bribery’ worked.”

Democrats conducted surveys in key battleground states last week to test “messages related to impeachment,” the Washington Post reported.  According to the Post, the surveys prompted House Democrats to retire the term “quid pro quo” for “bribery” in their case against Trump after focus groups “found ‘bribery’ to be most damning.”

A majority of those surveyed reportedly called the impeachment process a waste of taxpayers’ money because the Republican majority Senate will not convict if the House votes to impeach.

Democrats are demanding Trump be impeached over a July phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that first came to attention when an anonymous government whistleblower filed a complaint.

According to an account of the phone conversation provided by the White House, Trump asked for a “favor,” requesting an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and his role on the board of Ukrainian natural gas firm Burisma Holdings.

The U.S. at the time had withheld $400 million in military aid due to concerns about corruption and concern for American “taxpayer money.”

In April 2014, Hunter joined the board of Burisma Holdings and served on the board until early 2019 reportedly receiving a compensation up to $50,000 a month, raising concerns that his role on the board of that firm created the appearance of a conflict of interest.

A request asking Zelensky to open an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden’s son is not bribery, Fitton contends.

“There is a reason why they didn’t use bribery to begin with because people then say ‘well what’s your case?’ And there is no case. The idea that the president making an issue about aid in response to corruption by another country is bribery is absurd,” he said.

Amid the impeachment hearings,  Trump should double down on his efforts to investigate the Biden’s brazen involvement of quid quo pro and bribery in Ukraine, Fitton argued.

“This is not a scandal – it was perfectly appropriate for the president to be asking questions and making the deep state uncomfortable. He is doing his job,” he said. “Frankly, he should call the Ukrainians back and make sure they are doing the darn investigation.

“This is the Gossip Girl impeachment. This is water cooler convention, by bureaucrats in the White House about what the boss is saying and doing. That may all be nice, but the idea that rises to the level of impeachment shows you the abomination that is happening right now.”

Focus groups reveal the public, particularly independent voters in swing states, resoundingly view the impeachment inquiry as “too confusing,” “a waste of time,” and “a waste of money,” noted Jason Miller, former communications chief for the Trump campaign and transition team and co-host of the War Room.

“That is the key takeaway from all of these impeachment hearings from all of these folks who are truly independent,” he said. “They believe that Democrats have gone too far here. They’ve made it too political; they’ve made it too personal; they’ve made it too emotional.

“Regular folks are looking at this, they don’t get the names, they don’t get the process. All they know is that it’s a partisan fight.”

Polling shows the impeachment hearings are actually drawing attention to Democrat corruption and Biden’s bribery of Ukrainian officials, Miller surmised.

“This is the true among true swing voters – some thoughts on Biden that are popping up. One: a lot of similarities with Hillary Clinton. The swing voters really view Joe Biden as being part of the swamp. They don’t like the Hunter Biden dynamics,” he said. “The fact that he was making between 50 and 80 grand a month– this is resonating with voters. “

“We’ve seen Adam Schiff throw out all these allegations against President Trump – we have bribery, perjury, extortion, quid quo pro, obstruction, witness intimidation. I’m sure by the time today and tomorrow is over we will have several more allegations. I don’t know if we have jay walking in there. I’m sure they’ll try to pin the OJ murders on him.”

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