MUST SEE! A Giant F-U to the International Left: Ambassador Rick Grenell Plants Reagan Statue on Berlin Embassy as German Government Snubs US

Guest post by Collin McMahon

Ambassador Rick Grenell plants Reagan Statue on Berlin Embassy as German Government snubs USA

As the 30th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall approaches on November 9, leftist German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas published an essay in 26 EU countries, thanking Germany’s allies for their contribution to bringing down the Iron Curtain, as BILD newspaper reports.

But he forgot to thank one country: The USA!

US ambassador Richard Grenell retweeted a post by conservative foreign policy spokesman Norbert Röttgen (CDU) attacking Maas over his failure to thank Germany’s most powerful ally:

“In his op-ed commemorating the fall of the Berlin Wall, Minister Heiko Maas failed to explicitly mention the USA for their contribution to German unity in his gratitude. This does not do justice to history and constitutes a historic mistake, which is completely incomprehensible”, Röttgen wrote.

Ambassador Grenell, who is welcoming US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo back to Germany today, who served as a soldier at Germany’s Grafenwöhr training grounds during the Fall of the Wall, responded by installing a statue of Ronald Reagan on the roof of the US Embassy in Berlin, as a major “F-U” to local left-wing politicians who hate America.

On June 12, 1987, Ronald Reagan held his famous “Tear down this wall” speech in Berlin, presaging the fall of the Iron curtain two years later. However, left-wing Germans today prefer to ignore the Gipper’s contribution to reuniting their country, instead crediting Soviet premier Mikhail Gorbachev for the end of communism.

The 7-foot Reagan statue, partially visible from the street, will be formally inaugurated by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Nov. 8, a day before the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The Wall Street Journal reported:

“Some Berlin politicians said there was no need to give Reagan special honors since he had already been made an honorary citizen of the city. The stance partly reflects remnants of the West German left’s fierce opposition in the 1980s to Mr. Reagan’s unapologetic devotion to capitalism and his deployment on German soil of nuclear-capable missiles. ….  While West Germany was a close ally of the U.S. then, relations have frayed since President Trump, a frequent and blistering critic of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, came to power.”

Grenell posted a video of the Reagan statue arriving in Berlin. “After 10 years of trying, a new resident on top of the US embassy: An American – A hero in Germany – 7 feet tall – 590 lbs.: Nov. 8th”, the dramatic video says. Grenell has called out left wing Anti-Americanism in Europe at Spiegel magazine and elsewhere, as Gateway Pundit reported.

“If the German foreign minister Heiko Maas  doesn’t want to thank Ronald Reagan and the United States for their contribution to bringing down the Iron Curtain, then let me do it”, wrote conservative AfD foreign policy spokesman Petr Bystron on Twitter: “Thank you, Mr. President, thank you USA! We will never forget, even if our government does!”


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