Here’s Why Corrupt FBI Actors Strzok and Page Referred to Schiff’s Suspected ‘Whistleblower’ Eric Ciaramella as ‘Charlie’

We reported a couple of days ago that it is suspected that Lying Adam Schiff’s ‘whistleblower’ was Eric Ciaramella.  We now have some additional evidence on why Ciaramella was referred to as ‘Charlie’ in Strzok and Page texts.

As we reported, Dan Bongino put this all together in one of his podcasts –

(At about the 10 minute mark Bongino unveils this entire twisted plot.)

In April of this year, Senators Grassley and Johnson sent a letter to Attorney General Barr asking him for any information on the following (or perhaps this was their way of encouraging him to look into something). What they specifically asked about was related to some text messages from corrupt FBI Agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page referring to a “CI guy” in the White House –

Next Grassley and Johnson provide the exact text messages they wanted Barr to look into. The text from Peter Strzok says “Do we want Joe to go with Evania instead of Charlie for a variety of reasons?” –

A footnote at the bottom of the Grassley and Johnson memo says “At this time it is unknown who “Charlie” is”.

On the beginning of the next page of their memo Grassley and Johnson share some more texts from Strzok and Page referring to “the CI guy” again in the White House –

Grassley and Johnson ask Barr some shocking questions (highlighted below) –

The nature of these communications , and the precise purpose of any attempts to “develop relationships” with Trump or Pence transition team staff are not immediately clear. Were these efforts done to gain better communication between the respective parties, or were the briefings used as intelligence gathering operation? Further, did any such surveillance activities continue beyond the inauguration, and in the event they did, were those activities subject to proper predication? Any improper FBI surveillance activities that were conducted before or after the 2016 election must be brought to light and properly addressed.

Strzok and Page in their texts were likely referring to fired FBI Director Andy McCabe and Bill Priestap per footnotes on that page. The reference to the “CI guy” is unclear.

On Wednesday Paul Sperry announced at in a post that the so-called ‘whistleblower’ in Lying Adam Schiff’s fake impeachment sham is none other than Eric Ciaramella. This is old news to us at TGP as well as Bongino and others on the web. (We first reported on Ciaramella on October 11th.)

But in Sperry’s post, he notes the exact pronunciation for Ciaramella’s name – (pronounced char-a-MEL-ah) –

Bongino suspects that Sperry is trying to hint at something as the pronunciation of a name is not usually included in posts like Sperry’s. What Bongino suggests is that there is a connection between Sperry’s article and the Grassley and Johnson letter – Char-a-MEL-ah is the same ‘Charlie’ in the Strzok and Page communications.

Today we have more evidence why Eric Ciaramella was referred to as ‘Charlie’ by the Deep State and not ‘Eric’.  The answer is simple.

In various text messages between Strzok and Page they refer to a couple of individuals as ‘Eric’.  In one series of texts they refer to Eric Smith, a friend of Lisa Page’s and get the individual named ‘Eric’ confused with someone else named ‘Eric’ like perhaps Eric Holder –

They mention Eric many times in their texts –

Again, numerous messages referring to Eric –

The reason they didn’t refer to Eric Ciaramella as Eric is because they already were having a hard time keeping track of which Eric they were talking about.  The simplified their lives by referring to Eric Ciaramella as ‘Charlie’ instead of Eric.  Also, Ciaramella’s last name sounds like Charlie.

The suspected whistleblower, Eric Ciaramella, worked with the Obama Administration in the Ukraine, spied on President Trump in the White House for Obama’s CIA and FBI and was apparently doing all he could to sabotage the Trump White House while he was there.

It’s against the law for the CIA to spy on our President. I thought the CIA was not allowed to spy in the US period.

Creepy and corrupt Adam Schiff used the whistleblower’s memo to start his corrupt and criminal impeachment sham investigation taking place in the House. It sure looks like Eric Ciaramella is no hero, he is more likely a traitor and a crook. Hang him high!

Hat tip D. Manny

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