BREAKING: NSC Officials Attempted to Remove Leaker Vindman but Were Blocked by Obama Deep State HR Head in White House Latesha Lewis

Jesse Watters outed the White House Human Resources leader who kept the NSC’s Alex Vindman on after others in the White House thought that he was leaking classified information from the Trump White House.  Both Vindman and the HR representative by the name of Latesha Lewis, were holdovers from the Obama Administration.

Paul Sperry noted tweeted this morning that an HR representative in the White House kept Alex Vindman in the White House after complaints of his being a leaker –

The HR lady who kept leaker Vindman on was named by Stephanie Grisham and Jesse Watters at the 3:40 mark – Latesha Lewis – in the attached video.

(Name updated to correct spelling of Latesha on November 20)

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