BOOM: Rudy Giuliani Has Evidence Fusion GPS’s Glenn Simpson Was in Ukraine in 2016 While Working on Fraudulent Steele Dossier and Manafort Black Book

No wonder Rudy is a target.  Giuliani has evidence that Glenn Simpson was in the Ukraine in 2016 and was involved in the creation of the Steele dossier and Manafort’s ‘black book’ which were both frauds that were used to target and indict candidate and President Trump and his team.

Rudy Giuliani, the great former mayor of New York City and the current personal attorney for President Trump was on the air recently and he said some amazing things about the Ukraine.  Giuliani said –

…it [the evidence Guiliani received from a tip] included specific information that was developed by the Ukrainians that was turned over to the DNC and that was used to try to stop Trump from getting elected, used in mid-2016. It also included a lot of evidence that the Steele dossier was produced in Ukraine, in Kiev, and also things I didn’t know, like Glenn Simpson spent a fair amount of time there during the time that the dossier was being written and that the document that reopened the Manafort investigation [the Black Ledger] went through the Glenn Simpson company and that there were real questions about whether it wasn’t a fraud….”

Is this why Simpson is coming out with a book about his bogus Steele dossier?  What a creep!

No wonder the Deep State created the Ukrainian bogus impeachment sham.  They are again protecting themselves by projecting on the Trump team what they themselves did.

This past week Ambassador Sondland accused both President Trump and Rudy of messing around in the Ukraine and Schiff’s star witness Lt. Col. Vindman accused Rudy of lying and promoting false narratives that undermined the US-Ukraine Policy.

Vindman is suspected of leaking the false information on President Trump’s call to the Ukrainian leader to the whistleblower (suspected to be Eric Ciaramella).  Saying Rudy was lying about the Ukraine was a pretty bold statement for the young Vindman, the same man who told Ukrainians to disregard and ignore President Trump’s directives in the Ukraine.

Accusing the former New York City mayor, Trump attorney and New York State prosecutor of lying about the Ukraine is quite an indictment.  It would be great if we had a DOJ or FBI that would question him to determine what sort of information he has to make such a statement.

The Deep State is freaking out by what Rudy Giuliani may have found out in the Ukraine.  Let’s hope its devastating and pray that justice is finally served.

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