Antifa Assaults And Robs YouTuber Mid-Stream At Dinesh and Brandon Straka Event

Dinesh D’Souza and Brandon Straka journeyed into the belly of the beast on Tuesday, hosting a #WalkAway event in downtown Portland, Oregon. YouTuber Portland Andy (not to be confused with Andy Ngo, different guy, same name, same city) was covering the antifa counter protest, which only numbered around 15, no match for the 20-30 Proud Boys and III%’ers who were providing unofficial security for the attendees of the event.

At some point in the evening, Portland Andy was confronted by several of the antifa terrorists, who ripped his phone right out of his hand and proceeded to assault him, right in the middle of his live stream. Andy was tackled to the ground by one of the terrorists as the melee.

Thankfully, a second videographer, Brandon Farley, captured the scene.

The terrorist who robbed him was evidently too stupid to figure out how to turn the livestream off, as it continued to stream, showing the guy’s face as he was messing with the phone. The Portland police actually did their job and helped Andy track down his phone and the terrorist after some prodding, according to a video Andy did later in the evening. He’s apparently alright, save for a few contusions here and there.


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