Afro-Cuban GOP Candidate For Congress Banned From Twitter

Enrique Tarrio, a pro-Trump candidate for United States Congress in South Florida was permanently suspended by the digital platform without reason. While his suspension is another aggravating attack on freedom of speech and expression in the United States, it is hardly surprising.

A longtime activist and small business owner based out of the Miami area, Tarrio is also the Chairman of The Proud Boys, a pro-West men’s fraternal organization known for providing security for conservative speakers who face threats from domestic terrorist organizations like Antifa and other dangerous left-wing groups.

“Big-tech has proven once again cannot be trusted with elections. The seat I am running for is extremely winnable. I am the front-runner in the GOP primary and they are clearly trying to silence our campaign in favor of Never Trumpers.

The mountain we have to climb to get through this primary and then defeat our Democrat opponent in the general election is made that much more difficult. Regardless, I will not relent and I will make sure we remained focused on implementing the America First agenda.”

Tarrio went on to say that Twitter and other online platforms serve as today’s public square and should adhere to the principles of our constitution. Just yesterday, Facebook announced that previously banned individuals on their platform, even if legitimate candidates for public office, would be barred from using Facebook to reach voters.

Proud Boys Chairman Enrique Tarrio Is Running For Congress, Challenging Hillary Clinton Puppet Donna Shalala

He launched his campaign earlier this month and is hoping to challenge former Clinton administration official Donna Shalala in 2020. You can learn more about his efforts by clicking here.


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