Warren and Sanders Out-Fundraise Biden in Third-Quarter Hauls — By A LOT

Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders raised significantly more than former Vice President Joe Biden in their third-quarter hauls, and did so mostly with small donors.

On Friday, Warren announced that her campaign raised $24.6 million from an average donation of $26. The Massachusetts senator’s cash flow was topped only by Senator Sanders, who raised $25.3 million from an average donation of $18.

Meanwhile, Biden, who is believed to be the favorite with the party establishment, raised only $15.2 million —bringing in even less than Mayor Pete Buttigieg who raised $19.1 million, but more than Sen. Kamala Harris who raised $11.6 million.

“The progressives just raised $50 million in one quarter. And they did it without one single fancy fundraiser,” tweeted Rebecca Katz, founder of progressive consulting firm New Deal Strategies. “Hot damn.”


Unlike the more progressive candidates, Biden has been relying on big money donors and small expensive fundraisers, the old model of fundraising, but claims his average donation is $44 dollars. Unfortunately for Creepy Uncle Joe, many of his donors have already hit the $2,800 limit on primary donations.

Biden is also blaming his lack of funding on his campaign starting late, instead of his weird gaffes and off-putting demeanor.

“We haven’t raised what a lot of people have — we got started way later than everybody else, but we’ve raised, this last quarter, $15 million, in the middle of summer,” Biden said during a speech in Palo Alto.

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