Rock Climber to Hold ‘Border Wall Climbing’ Competition

A group of rock climbers will be holding a “border wall climbing competition” following President Donald Trump’s assertion that a new portion of the wall will be “unclimbable.”

The competition will take place during an event called “Rocktoberfest” in Kentucky, one of the biggest rock climbing gatherings in the nation.

The Hill reports that 75-year-old rock climber Rick Weber built a replica 18-foot tall section of steel border wall and has invited rock climbers to compete in the climb on Oct. 11 and 12.

Writing about the challenge in Rock and Ice Magazine, Weber said that “many in the rock climbing community were amused a couple weeks ago when our POTUS held a press conference at a section of his latest  border wall design—a series of parallel square steel posts with a 5-foot-high plate at the top. ‘Impossible to climb,’ he stated. He boasted that ‘the federal government tested the structure by having 20 skilled mountain climbers attempt to climb it, and no one could.'”


Weber took Trump’s claim as a challenge.

“No one in our climbing community knows any of these 20 mountaineers. I doubt if they exist. More importantly, to declare something to be impossible to climb to a bonafide rock climber is to issue a challenge,” he wrote.

Weber said that is why he built an exact replica and is holding the competition.

“To keep the competition as safe as possible, we will be belaying the climbers from a master point higher up on the structure in a manner similar to wall climbing speed competitions. In no way will the belay either impede or assist the climbers; it’s simply there for safety,” he explained.

There will be prizes and trophies for those who manage to complete the competition.

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