President Trump’s Former Chief Strategist Steve Bannon Praises President’s China Strategy – Discusses Hong Kong Uprising (Video)

Former Chief Strategist for President Trump, Steve Bannon, joined Trish Regan on FOX Business Network on Monday night to discuss President Donald Trump’s actions with China and the events in Hong Kong.

Steve started off by noting that President Xi from China just last night stood up before the elites invited to his special dinner and said that “We [China] are the leaders of the world!”

Bannon notes that China’s GDP is about $15 trillion and second to only the US.  He also claims that the US financed China’s rise and they increased their technology by either stealing it or buying it.  He also noted that today on China’s 70th anniversary of the communist party rising to power that there will be a parade of military might and China will show not only troops but more sophisticated weapons like stealth drones.

Steve Bannon mentioned how much he admired President Trump’s trade position with China.  When the Chinese tried to step away from the deal and call the President’s bluff, the President stood strong.  The Chinese don’t know how to deal with Trump.  He won’t give in on his position and they have no answer.  President Trump is standing strong and not giving in to a position that isn’t best for America.

In Hong Kong, Bannon notes that the protests continue and are ramping up.  Hong Kong is very close to initiating Martial Law.  He said:

The people in Hong Kong are not going to back off.  They’re fighting for the rule of law.  They’re fighting for democracy.   They’re fighting for freedom, they’re fighting for capitalism.  And they have told this totalitarian regime that … we’re not going to back down to you.

Steve Bannon is spot on in his assessment of China.  He once lived in China and knows much from that experience.  His admiration for President Trump is noticeable and well supported.

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