Not the Onion: Swedish Newspaper Laments That There Aren’t Enough Female Taxidermy Animals in Museums (SERIOUSLY)

A Swedish newspaper is being ruthlessly mocked after publishing an article lamenting that there is a gender disparity between stuffed animals at a taxidermy museum.

Dagens Nyheter, a newspaper published in Stockholm, was reporting on a study which found that there are not as many female animals as male in museum collections.

The study analyzed over 2.5 million critters in museums. Based on their findings, the newspaper determined that the disturbing lack of female animal representation could lead to researchers having the “wrong picture” about certain species.

So, how bad is the disparity?

Birds have the worst gap in representation, with 60 percent of them being male. For mammals, 52 percent are male and only 48 percent are female. The horror!

“The unequal gender distribution is likely based on hunters’ preferences rather than the curators’ selection. Hunters tend to hunt males for several reasons: males are often regarded as more “impressive” due to their larger size and more colourful appearance, complete with prized trophies such as antlers. The imbalance may also be due to hunters avoiding females with young offspring due to legislation or ethical considerations,” Sputnik News noted.

“I can no longer hack it in year 2019. While normal people worry about increasing crime, the privileged left-wing liberals’ main concern is unequal gender distribution among stuffed animals,” one Swedish Twitter user responded to the article.

Other commentators insisted that the study must be a joke.

The best response, however, came from Alexandra Hedborg of the Moderate Party in Sweden.

​“I believe the researchers are drawing some hasty conclusions here. Have they ever stopped to ask how the animals identify themselves or are they based on gender stereotypes?” Hedborg tweeted.


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