IT’S ON: George Papadopoulos Officially Launches Congressional Campaign for Katie Hill’s Seat

Former campaign aide for President Donald Trump, George Papadopoulos, has officially launched a congressional campaign for Katie Hill’s seat.

Papadopoulos teased the idea of a campaign on Twitter saying he would have news “soon on my interest in Katie Hill’s soon to be vacant seat in the 25th district!”

However, The Hill reports that Papadopoulos has already filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission declaring the beginning of his campaign.

Prior to Rep. Hill officially stepping down, Papadopoulos tweeted out that he may run for office against her.

“California’s 25th congressional district is looking very tempting and wide open for the taking. Katie Hill is an embarrassment to the great people in that district. CA has been my home with my wife for over a year now. We deserve better,” Papadopoulous tweeted with an American flag emoji.

On Sunday, Hill announced that she would stepping down over her inappropriate sexual relationships with congressional and campaign staffers.

Papadopoulous had been toying with the idea of running for office since at least December, when he said “I do want to run for Congress. I’m planning to run for Congress in 2020.”


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