EXCLUSIVE: Three Recent Events that Indicate AG Barr and His US Attorney John Durham May Be Further Along than Previously Suspected!

Attorney General Bill Barr and his US Attorney John Durham may be further along in their investigation labeled “investigating the investigators” than previously suspected. Here are three recent events that indicate this is the case.

1. US Attorney Durham is overseeing a criminal probe –

Obama’s former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper reacted last week to the news that the Durham investigation is now a criminal probe –


A review of Clapper’s body language was telling. After Clapper was confronted with the fact that the Durham investigation was now a criminal investigation, Clapper showed a guilty conscious –

The LEGAL term for that is CONSCIOUSNESS OF GUILT. At 12 seconds in, Cooper says, “And you just heard about this?” and Clapper immediately responds with a subconscious head bobble and says, “Yes, I just heard about this…” and shifts in his chair uncontrollably. He is extremely uncomfortable and can’t seem to calm himself.

Also, it’s reported in the piece that the Durham criminal probe may have been going on for some time –

Some of us Spygate researchers have known Barr and Durham have been in a criminal investigation for some time. It’s not normal for a US attorney to work a case jointly with the Attorney General personally. It’s also out of the ordinary for both to interview witnesses and suspects together. This has been a criminal probe for several weeks. But Clapper is telling us the truth by his reaction that he did not know it was such until minutes before going on air Thursday night, following the official announcement.

Clapper was caught off guard.  He wasn’t ready for this.  He showed his guilt and concern with the news.

2. Attorney General Barr’s recent comments on FOX News –

Attorney General Barr was on FOX News two days ago and gave his first remarks in some time in regards to the Durham probe.  CNN reported on the interview and noted –

In the interview, Barr said that Durham is “making great progress” and noted that the FBI has been cooperating with the scrutiny.

“One of the reasons Mr. Durham is able to make the kind of progress he’s making is because Director Wray and his team at the FBI have just been outstanding in the support and responsiveness they’ve given,” Barr said.

AG Barr’s comment regarding FBI Director Wray is a bit puzzling due to Wray’s actions to date.  Since Wray took over the FBI and before, the FBI delayed FOIA requests, redacted information in the requests that later was determined not to be classified.  Wray’s FBI redactions were found to protect and cover up the FBI and DOJ agents and attorneys’ criminal actions.  Plus Wray to date has yet to prosecute any of the many crimes related to Hillary’s emails or the Russia sham.  He has been a total failure as a Director.

Wray is no doubt complying with Durham’s investigation for a couple of reasons.  One reason is because President Trump unredacted all documents that AG Barr and his US Attorney Durham request.  This was done in an Executive Order.

Also, Wray is no doubt complying with Durham, because if he doesn’t, then he will be obstructing justice.  This is a crime that even Wray does not want this on his record.

3. Former FBI Official James Baker Has Allegedly Flipped –

According to Jack Posobiec, former FBI Official James Baker has flipped and is helping Durham in his investigation –

(Note also, that according to the video above, many expect that the Durham investigation has been a criminal investigation for some time.)

If Baker has flipped then this is really bad news for the Deep State.  Baker was at the top of the FBI when Comey and gang were creating and implementing their coup of the Trump Administration.  He no doubt knows a lot and can lead Durham to the heart of the Deep State actions under Obama and Comey.

The Durham investigation is now a criminal probe.  This likely has been going on for some time.  The FBI is cooperating with the probe and former FBI Official James Baker is assisting Durham in his probe.  This all leads to bad news for the Obama Deep State.  No wonder James Clapper looks like he’s seen a ghost!

Hat tip D. Manny

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