Slow Week for Fear Mongering? Far Left ADL Claims 1980’s McDonald’s Commercial, ‘Okay’ Sign, and Bowl Cuts Are Hate Symbols

The Anti-Defamation League, clearly running out of ideas, has added a slew of innocuous items to its “hate symbols” database, including bowl cuts, the “OK” hand gesture, and a character from a 1980’s McDonald’s commercial.

The far-left has long been pushing a lie that people, including this reporter, have made the “okay” hand sign in photos to signal support for white supremacy. In reality, supporters of the president began doing this because Trump commonly uses it in speeches when making a point.

Naturally, if Trump supporters are doing something, it must be nefarious. Reporters seeking to demonize the dreaded “red hats” got their wish when a 4Chan troll created a meme claiming that the gesture symbolized “White Power.” The trolls hoped left-wingers would demonize the commonly-used symbol as racist, making themselves look ridiculous in the process. They weren’t disappointed.

Though they have been repeatedly informed of the meaning behind it, reporters continue to spread the false claim to maliciously target popular pro-Trump personalities. They have told the lie so many times that, inside the liberal establishment’s filter bubble, it has become the truth.

When the debacle first began, the ADL issued a statement admitting that it was a prank and did not actually mean white power.

“Has the simple thumb-and-forefinger ‘OK’ hand gesture become a white supremacist hand sign,” the ADL asked in a blog post in 2017. “Well, no, it hasn’t, but you are likely to hear just the opposite from social media, thanks to the latest hoax from members of notorious website 4chan.”

As we head into 2020 elections, however, they have changed their tune.

“At least some white supremacists seem to have abandoned the ironic or satiric intent behind the original trolling campaign and used the symbol as a sincere expression of white supremacy,” the ADL said in its new report.


Along with the “okay” sign, the ADL is waging war on bowl cuts and emojis of bowl cuts because Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church shooter Dylan Roof had one. He also drank water, wore pants, and probably enjoyed food — we will update this story if the ADL also declares them to be hate symbols.

Most hilariously though, the ADL has now listed the McDonald’s “Moon Man” as a hate symbol. You may remember this character with a crescent moon head and sunglasses, whose name was actually “Mac Tonight,” from the popular 1980’s commercials.

Apparently, some people that the ADL claims are “white supremacists” have used images of the Moon Man to make racist videos — so now anyone who likes him is in big trouble.

There is still an animatronic Moon Man that people can enjoy inside a Florida McDonald’s. It sings.

“These are the latest calling cards of hate,” Mark Pitcavage, Senior Fellow in ADL’s Center on Extremism said. “We pay special attention to those symbols that exhibit staying power as well as those that move from online usage into the real world.”

The Gateway Pundit has reached out to McDonald’s for comment and will update this story if one is provided.

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