Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Backs Trump’s Assertion That He Fired Bolton

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is backing up President Donald Trump’s assertion that he fired neoconservative National Security Adviser John Bolton.

Bolton has been texting reporters and tweeting that he didn’t get fired, but quit.

During a press briefing with Secretary of Treasury Steve Mnuchin roughly an hour after the staff shakeup was announced, Pompeo was asked by ABC News’ Terry Moran, “did John Bolton get fired or did he quit? And did he leave the White House because he disagreed with you in particular over the talks with the Taliban?”

Pompeo responded that “last night the president asked for Ambassador Bolton’s resignation, as I understand it it was received this morning.”


Moran asked if it was “because of his disagreement?”

“I will leave it to the president to talk about the reasons he made the decision,” Pompeo responded. “But I would say this — the president is entitled to the staff he wants at any moment. This is a staff person who works directly for the president of the United States and he should have people he trusts and values and his efforts and judgments benefit him and delivering American foreign policy.”

Pompeo seemed absolutely thrilled with the departure of the moustached hawk, he was all smiles during the presser — which were quickly pointed out on social media.


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