REPORT: Over A Million Households Have Risen To Middle Class Under Trump, According To Census Data

In the lead up to the 2016 election, Trump repeatedly promised he would be a great president for the economy and boy has he delivered.

The Democrats spent eight years under Obama paying lip service to the middle class while doing next to nothing.

Trump is getting the job done.

The Epoch Times reports:

Over a Million Households Climbed to Middle Class Under Trump, Census Data Shows

More than 1.2 million American households moved to above $50,000 in annual income between 2016 and 2018, according to Census Bureau data released on Sept. 10, a sign of a growing middle class.

The data is a boon to President Donald Trump, whose platform is centered on a strong economy and promises of increased prosperity.

While in 2016, some 58.5 percent of households enjoyed more than $50,000 in total money income, the share rose to more than 60 percent in 2018. The median household income, meanwhile, rose by nearly 2.3 percent—with all figures adjusted for inflation.

The comparison isn’t quite apples-to-apples since the bureau implemented a new methodology in its latest report that somewhat influenced the results for both 2018 and 2017.

Still, the data bears out a middle-class expansion unseen since the 1960s. Nearly 30 percent of households pulled in between $50,000 and $99,999 in 2018. That’s up from less than 29 percent the year before—the fastest increase since 1968.

This is precisely why Democrats didn’t talk about the economy once during their three hour debate on Thursday night. They can’t touch Trump on this, and they know it.

When the media covers the economy, all they do is fear monger over the possibility of a recession they’re all secretly hoping for.

Stuart Varney recently made this same point. From FOX News:

Varney on media coverage of Trump’s economy ‘Ignore them all, they’ll never get over Hillary’s loss’

Fox Business host Stuart Varney accused the mainstream media of “ignoring” economic news that reflects positively on President Trump in an apparent attempt to undermine his reelection prospects.

“The media ignores any item of news that could be considered good news for America. They really are the opposition party, opposition that is, to President Trump,” said Varney on his Fox Nation show “My Take.”

Varney said the mainstream media’s failure to report positively on Trump, specifically the progress the stock market has made under his administration, is driven by a clear motive…

Varney also accused the media of “eagerly and gleefully” reporting on a possible economic downturn last month, which lead to speculation that a recession was close.

That is spot on.


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