Candidates And Moderators Curiously Silent On Economy During Democrat Debate

During their three hour debate on Thursday night, Democrats talked about free healthcare, climate change, gun control, and all of the things they want to ban.

One topic you would think would be important, the economy, never came up.

Isn’t that curious?

Byron York writes at the Washington Examiner:

In debate, Democrats steer clear of economy

In the last few weeks, Democratic presidential candidates have focused on fears of a recession, accusing President Trump of recklessness in handling the nation’s economic affairs.

“The warning signs for another recession are flashing,” Elizabeth Warren tweeted recently. The economy is “teetering on a recession,” Joe Biden said a few days later, probably meaning that it is teetering on the edge of a recession. “We’re now about to enter the Trump recession,” said top Bernie Sanders aide Jeff Weaver. Democrats took note of a Washington Post poll saying that Trump’s approval rating has fallen in light of the fact that 6 in 10 Americans fear a recession will arrive in the next year.

So on Thursday, at the Democratic Party’s first one-night presidential debate, the first opportunity to showcase the party’s ten leading candidates, what role did the nation’s widespread economic anxieties play?

Almost none. The candidates simply didn’t talk about it. (Nor did the ABC News moderators ask.) The word “recession” was uttered just once in the entire debate. (By Julián Castro, who noted the poll’s finding of recession fears.) Nor was the word “unemployment” ever spoken. Nor was there a discussion of job creation.

Matthew Continetti is the editor of the Washington Free Beacon. He noted this in real time:

The simple truth is that these Democrats can’t address the economy or unemployment because to do so, they would have to admit that Trump is doing a fantastic job.

They would also be forced to explain how they think they could do better, which we all know they can’t.



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