HUGE MEDIA SCANDAL! Liberal Media Lies and OMITS 500+ WORDS from Transcript to Claim Trump Asked Zelensky to Investigate Biden — COMPLETELY FALSE!

The Mainstream Media (MSM) is dead.  They refuse to report the truth.  They cannot be trusted.

More Americans are waking up to their lies.  Today was another example of how the MSM will do anything to protect criminals on the left and indict heroes on the right.

They will stop at nothing.  No lie is too big to tell.

The mainstream media is evil.

On Wednesday after the release of the Trump-Zelensky transcript. The liberal media purposely omitted nearly 500 words in the transcript to implicate President Trump.  The media lied and said Trump asked Zelensky “a favor” to look into Joe Biden’s crimes.  This is absolutely false.  Trump was asking Zelensky to look into the 2016 election.

These people are evil.

CNN and even Shep at FOX were in on the lies –

Really, does the MSN ever not lie?

Of course the MSM was reporting lies again – it was all a lie –

The Hill was in on the act as well –

But no calls for an investigation of Joe Biden – but of course he’s a criminal Democrat –

Americans want the truth – we report it!

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